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TomFord Eau De Soleil Blanc - Da thịt của nữ thần

Among the varicosity of reasons for my fondness of fragrance, one come from the admiration for the perfumer, as they open me up to shades of aspects. From the well-known Designer brand to the very modest Indie and Niche, few have succeeded to set me in a comfy thrill mood like Tom Ford, love-hate in a harmony. When it comes to a sensitive subject as sexual, Tom Ford has it done like a breeze, slip and shape our daily life. Could there any creation close us to that philosophy like the way Eau de Soleil Blanc did?

Perhaps, Greek Ancient myths have ever been Tom Ford endless inspiration for his creation, at most upon his view of art. Therefore, may we come across carnal and sexual stories told in a very natural, aestheticist way. Eau de Soleil Blanc was in no exception, the “slightly carnalism” mildly embrace the skin. Slowly leading Creamy Coconut fuses with ingenious, refreshing Tuberose, along with blush causing note, non-other than Ylang Ylang itself, bursting with sensuality, on a sweat and tenderness Vanilla base. Soleil Blanc draws me a blushy yet narcotic portrait of a young woman at her blooming golden age. Never have there been a scent that put me in such an indecisive edge for it maleficent contrast. As we were like enjoying a masterpiece without using the eye, the touch of the body, or listen to the sweetest whisper without having to hear.

Soleil Blanc gave me the full sight of the picture The Birth of Venus, one of the treasures in the stage of renaissance, gently and rounded.


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