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  • Back to black by Kilian
    We don't have perfume, we have scent.
  • meo fusciuni Little song
    We don't have perfume, we have scent.

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Discount & Sales

Discounts & Sales

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New Arrival - Hiram Green

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Our Services

Fragrant Advisory

We hear your demands. Through various accords and scents, we select among the finest that features most relevant to your characteristics. Exquisitely designed space, built in the harmony of factors: Audio - Visuality - Scent, suit our goal of delivering a fulfilling experience for our customers.

Perfume Expertise

We constantly collect, study, collaborate with respected experts, and gather round profound unfound knowledge on perfumery of the world. After been provided with multiple and objective points of view, our customers are encouraged to make precise decisions with high and prestige reliability. 

Workshop - Event

Thematic workshops are designed and held monthly or quarterly by our team to present the latest, profound knowledge on the field of olfaction and perfumery to our desired customers in a most precise and tangible way. Furthermore, there will be launching events for our newly premiered fragrance.

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